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"ANGEL" (2015)

Self published in 2015, ANGEL is a collection of written memories, drawings, photographs and small objects all put together by Paolo in his diaries and scanned to compose this small book of dreams and andventures. (80 pages.
15.0 cm x 21.0 cm)

"100 Attimi di imperfetta Felicità" (2018)

Published by FABBRI Editori in 2018, a collection of Paolo's most iconic works enriched with poems and drawings. 

"DREAMS" (2019)

Self published in 2019, DREAMS is the natural continuation of Paolo's first book, ANGEL, and holds the same premises; a collection of pictures, thoughts, poems, flowers, feathers, and much more. It is intimate diary, dedicated to all the ones who fear forgetting things and enjoys having a visual representation of tender memories. (116 pages.
16.5 cm x 24.0 cm)

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